Hollandiában – Warmenhuizenben jártunk a BEJO NYITOTT NAPOKON 2013. szeptember

 Ismerje meg a BEJO világát!


Group standing in a cabbage field with the Open Days Bejo Zaden

Ismerje meg a Bejo világát a cég évente megrendezésre kerülő Nyitott Napok programja keretében, mely idén Warmenhuizenben, szeptember 24-től 28-ig várja az érdeklődőket. Évente több ezer látogató érkezik a világ minden tájáról a cég központjába Warmnehuizenbe, hogy szakmai ismereteiket bővíthessék és megismerjék a vetőmag ágazat legújabb fejlesztéseit.


Organic route

New this year will be an “organic route”, which will guide visitors on a tour of the company’s organic demonstration field and interesting trials such as no-till, ridge cultivation of onions and beetroot, and a leek trial involving a herb that deters insects. Guided tours in the company’s warehouse shows Bejo’s new packaging department for organic seed.


Vegetable varieties and mechanisation 

During its open days, Bejo will be showing its vegetable varieties on the conventional and organic demonstration field. There, visitors will be able to see new varieties alongside Bejo’s current range. Many of the varieties were planted at different times.

As in previous years, Bejo has invited several companies to participate in the mechanisation exhibition The exhibitors will be presenting their latest innovations, varying from fully automatic planting machines and camera-controlled hoeing techniques to harvesting machines and lines for processing harvested crops. Companies specialising in storage technology and crop care will also be exhibiting. 


Machine demonstrations

Subject to the right conditions, there will be demonstrations of planting machines and mechanical weed-control techniques. Visitors will also be able to see a mechanical cabbage harvester in action. Machines for processing harvested produce will also be proving their worth at various stalls.


Introduction of Coolwrap and Léttage

Bejo is introducing two new cabbage concepts this year. The name ‘Coolwrap’ has been given to square leaves of a flat white cabbage with a mild flavour specifically selected for use as wraps, in sushi or as parts of healthy sandwiches. The second concept is ‘Léttage’, covering a selection of cabbage varieties with a mild, sweet flavour. Cabbage is a very nutritious vegetable that remains crisp for a long time. This makes Léttage particularly suitable for healthy, tasty salads. “These concepts are our way of meeting the growing demand for tasty, healthy vegetables that can be easily prepared,” says Perry Kuilboer, Bejo’s sales manager for the Benelux. “Varieties of these concepts can be seen in our demonstration field, but visitors will also be able to taste them, along with our healthy purple sprouting broccoli and curly kale varieties, in the delicious snacks that will be prepared during our cooking demonstrations.”


The Open Days will take place at Trambaan 1 in Warmenhuizen from Tuesday 24 September until Saturday 28 September, from 9 am until 5 pm (on Saturday until 4 pm).